Eden Environments

Imagine an environment that you love and that visitors rave about.

We believe that your environment makes the difference between striving and thriving.

The space that you occupy is a critical component to your success! Good design and organization should not be a luxury, but a priority. 

We want you to have the optimal experience — even on a Monday.



Places and Spaces

The heart of Eden’s design process is for everyone to have a space that is optimized for their unique needs. We offer a variety of design styles and solutions in order to provide informed approaches for different needs. 

This human-centric design strategy pulls techniques from biophilic, fat-friendly, neurodivergent, sustainable, and trauma-informed design. Research shows many positive benefits including increased productivity and decreased sick days. 


Employees dissatisfied with the comfort of their workplace


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What We Do

Brand Your Space.

Create a space that leaves a positive lasting impression. Eden Environments can help bring your mission and vision to life by incorporating them in creative ways throughout the decor.

Interior Consulting.

Schedule a 1-2 hour consultation to review your space and goals. After the consultation you will be given a summary with a plan for improvements to be made.

Sorting & Organization.

Let us assess your inventory and identify excess. We will then come up with practical storage solutions that function for your area and work flow.

Project Management.

If you are planning an office renovation or move we offer a holistic approach from consulting, offering solutions, creating a plan, to executing the plan to your satisfaction.

How We Work

Step 1

Contact us to chat through what service best suits your needs. We will talk timeline, next steps, and cost before getting started.

Step 2

Share your space! We evaluate where your space is currently and what needs to happen to bring your vision to life.

Step 3

Let the fun begin! We handle all of the transformation. You get to enjoy the final result. Ready to get started?


Fireplace with long dark table, round glass tables with chairs


Hightop table with chairs, bookshelf, and privacy screen



buiness / Location

My primary motivation is a deeply rooted belief that people should thrive and spaces can be designed to help in the healing process.  I am an organized creative and highly sensitive to environments that I am in, allowing me to intuitively design better experiences.

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