A Guide to Home Renovations: What You Need to Know


Congratulations! You’ve decided to tackle a home renovation project. Whether it’s a minor
remodel, a full home rebuild, or anything in between, renovating your home can be an
incredibly rewarding and exciting experience. The idea of creating your dream space that
fits your lifestyle is why many homeowners choose to renovate. However, before you jump
into your renovation, there are several things you need to know to make the project stress-
free and successful. Here is a guide that will help you prepare for your home renovation.

Prepare for Any Difficulties
Home renovations can be incredibly messy. From the noise and constant activity to piles of
construction debris, it can be quite challenging to live in your home during renovation work. It’s important to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and even financially to deal
with the stresses of a home renovation. If possible, consider staying with family or friends
while the work is underway. You’ll also need to make sure that you have enough storage
to move your belongings out of the renovation zone, or at least off the walls.

Anticipate Delays
No matter how well-thought-out your renovation plan is, unexpected delays always seem
to arise
. Be flexible with your completion date and plan for delays that might arise due to
weather, supply chain disruptions, or permit-related issues. It’s important to communicate
with your contractor or builders and allocate enough time for unforeseeable

Scan and Organize Paperwork Digitally
During a home renovation, it’s essential to keep track of all the documentation and
paperwork involved in the process. One way to ensure you don’t lose anything important is
to convert all your documents to PDF files and keep them organized on your computer or in
the cloud. This not only helps keep everything in one place but also makes it easy to access
and share information with contractors and designers who are working on your home.
You can also ensure quick digitization by downloading a scanner app to your smartphone.
Then, as soon as you get a contract, document, or receipt, you can digitize it and shred the
original. And it’s not difficult to understand how to use a PDF scanner. It will feel like taking
a picture, but the app does the work using OCR and converts it to a high quality PDF.

Allow Flexibility to Your Budget
You never know what surprises a home renovation project may bring—not all that glitters
is gold. Add some flexibility or padding to your budget for any unexpected expenses that
could arise. Expecting the unexpected can save you a lot of stress, and it’s always better to
come in under budget than to exceed it.

Plan for Code Inspections

Before the renovation work can be finished, the city or state will require an inspection to
ensure the work meets all the necessary safety and building codes. These inspections may
take up some of your time, so make sure to mark your calendars accordingly. The
professionals will need to inspect your space to make sure that everything is built to code
and safe for you and your family. And, hey, building code requirements are there to keep
you safe, so don’t push these inspections aside.

Be Prepared for Your Renovation
Planning and executing a home renovation project can be a rollercoaster ride, but don’t let
that discourage you. Keep in mind that the end product will be worth it. Now that you have
read this guide, you will be much better equipped to handle any surprises that may arise
during your home renovation. Remember to prepare yourself for difficulties, expect delays,
keep your documents organized, add flexibility to your budget, account for noise and dust,
and plan for code inspections. Happy renovating!

If you need some extra help planning, designing, or cheerleading, Eden Environments is happy to help! Contact us to set up a consultation!

Written by: Ed Carter, ablefutures.org