Room For Every Body Podcast

Welcome to “Room for Every Body,” the podcast that delves into the influence of identity on our interactions with interior spaces.

In each episode, our guests share their personal stories of exclusion resulting from poor design choices, shedding light on the lasting impact such experiences have had on them. We emphasize the importance of creating spaces that are not only welcoming but also accessible to individuals from all walks of life. We delve into the significance of incorporating materials and décor that celebrate the rich diversity of our society.

The Story Behind Our Logo

The logo depicts a house crafted from ferns, symbolizing the essence of home. I believe in the profound impact of home – its comfort, familiarity, functionality, beauty, individuality, and welcoming nature. These qualities are what I aim to infuse into commercial spaces through my designs. The inclusion of ferns pays homage to my cherished grandmother, who adored these plants. I have a penchant for incorporating live greenery into my projects, as I believe in the vitality and growth that plants bring to a space. Just as plants thrive in the right environment, I strive to create spaces where people can flourish and thrive in their daily endeavors.

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