About Eden

Order. Beauty. Abundance.

3 things that can be found in the garden of Eden that we want to replicate in every space and the way this business is run. We create atmospheres where people can flourish.

Our human-centric design strategy pulls techniques from neurodivergent, fat-friendly, biophilic, sustainable, and trauma-informed design. Research shows many positive benefits including increased productivity and decreased sick days. 

“Elizabeth did a great job at creating a modern and trendy look to meld with the professional environment. The lobby especially has caught the eye of several guests that have come to the office because of the strategically designed artistic touches throughout the room.”

- Priya

Places and Spaces

The heart of Eden’s design process is for everyone to have a space that is optimized for their unique needs. We offer a variety of design styles and solutions in order to provide informed approaches for different needs. 

The Impact of Space

Meet Elizabeth (They/Them) Creative Image Director

I am highly sensitive to environments that I am in, things like lighting, sounds, the flow of people moving, smell, colors, balance etc. shape the way I experience a location. Instead of continuing to see this sensitivity as a liability, I am choosing to use it as a skill to improve spaces. I personally thrive in well organized spaces and love creating them to see the positive impact everything being in the right place can have.

I am an organized creative— I think in terms of function and see the design which creates a cohesive efficient space. My experience and appreciation of a global perspective helps me think a bit outside of the box for things that can work together. I bring a wide range of design influence into my work. My primary motivation is a deeply rooted belief that people are important and affected by their environment. Many workplaces are places people want to escape, not arrive at. If we are spending ~40 or more hours every week, 2000 hours a year, in an office, it should be somewhere that works for us, a space that encourages creativity, productivity, peace of mind, and welcomes people in.

About the Logo

The logo is a house made from ferns! I think that home is such a powerful concept, the comfort, familiarity, functionality, beauty, individuality, and ability to serve the ones inside and welcome others in that exists in homes is something that I want to bring to commercial spaces. The ferns are a nod to my delightful grandmother; they were her favorite plant. I enjoy incorporating live plants into my designs. The thriving nature of plants in the right environment is how I want people to operate in their newly designed space.

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