Every project is unique with different needs, budgets, and space.

Global Disciples

A local nonprofit working on leadership development around the world.

The team needed some more places for visiting staff to sit down and work so we created 3 additional workstations that also function as meeting spots.

Other details for increased function were knobs on cabinets, and a lock for the bathroom that shows vacancy. 

Having a welcoming space was also important, so we created a reception area and updated the breakroom. 

Most of the existing furniture in the space was repurposed for continued use. In an effort to increase sustainability some of the furniture was purchased from previous owners and refinished.

BCM International

A nonprofit organization focused on serving children around the world needed an updated space. 

We reduced wasted space, cleared out the clutter, and sold unused items. The project was structured to minimize disruptions to the workflow. The selections reflect the brand mission and culture while reusing many items that were already in the space to stay within budget and increase sustainability. The budget came from a tenant fit-out allowance and donations. 

Reception Area

First Impressions are critical! This lobby area benefited from a custom desk, new lighting, new flooring and paint, a combination of thrifted and new wall decor, a gently used couch, and some plants. The chosen items highlight brand colors and the global and youthful mission. 

President’s Office

New paint, new desk, custom wood valences, new lighting, and decor that reflects mission.


New paint, new flooring, new countertop, new hardware, decreased the size of the cabinet for additional function. 

Conference Room

New paint, curtains, TV, and decor.

Break Area

Rearranged furniture that was already in the office to create a spot for staff to enjoy their lunch or have an impromptu meeting. 

Other Commercial

Pictures, renderings, and a concept boards from several different commercial projects. 

A variety of clients and spaces are shown. A venture capital firm in NYC, a church in Mississippi, a breakroom concept for an international manufacturer (done in collaboration with GCI Design). Some of these projects are ongoing. 


A collection of residential projects.

Several of the photos are home office design, including one that was done virtually.

Several of the photos are from a larger residential project, where Eden managed a group of volunteers to update a house in a week to be more functional for a growing family.